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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Progress

Yes the latest revision of the hive is done. It is wonderful. Now the next step is to move the bees from their current hive into this one. Maybe next week. I have been out on the blogs and forums. I see that many people are still working on solutions to the issues addressed in this hive. Some of those ideas are close to mine so I still think I am on the right track. I did build a couple of extra hives to use in some marketing efforts. I see that there is a little regular traffic on this blog but not much. So those who do check in from time to time if you want to try the hive next year let me know. It is completely ready and the plans are solid. What I mean is that I finally have all of the measurements and even some computer generated drawings. I will have actual photographs soon too. I have high hopes.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am at it again.

It is harvest time and I will be moving the bees to the latest version of the Best Hive Ever!

I haven't decided if I will post pictures publicly yet but this version is very transportable and should be easily used for polination operations.

I am really excited. This could be the final product that I will productize. If so I should have a small inventory by winter and hope to be ready for the 2012 build up for spring.