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Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting ready

I spent all of the afternoon working on the new hives. The design is coming along nicely. I need build follower boards and the roof. All of the top bars are done. In all I have 135 top bars. I sure hope I get honey this year.


Curtis said...

One hive complete.

Lessons learned.
1) I am not a master craftsman.
2) I need the help of a master craftsman.
3) Once a board is cut there is no making it bigger.

Curtis said...

The one hive that I thought I had complete wasn't really. I am 2 steps away from having this hive complete. I need paint and add wax to the topbars for starter. I have to finish building the tops for the other 2 hives. I am planning to wait until I have all of the carpentry done before I paint and wax.