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Monday, September 14, 2009

Bee in my bonnet

I harvested honey from 2 of my three hives and in both cases I had a couple of bees get under my veil, what fun that was.

With the first hive I only got one sting with only one bee getting through. On the second hive those bees are quite creative and I ended with 7 total bees inside my veil, 3 stings and 4 dead bees. Well I guess there was 7 dead by the end but 4 I got first. They didn't all get in at once. They came in one or two at a time. It was when they teamed up that they got me. I would get one but the other would get me. I may requeen that hive in the spring, just because.

I have a new suite ordered and will use it to harvest from the last hive.


Leigh This Way said...

Yeah, bee stingers are a good way to keep me away from bee hives =)

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

So you were "robbing the bees" and they protested :) I thought my bees would be aggressive too when I took their honey but they were really placid, but they may make up for it next time.

lmehaffey said...

This reminded me of the first time I helped a friend check his hives (he was trying to interest me in beeking) -- after 13 direct hits to the face, in spite of being veiled, and one pair of cracked eyeglasses, I decided to buy a full suit of "bee armor". I've never regretted the decision!