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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scene of the crime

I am not sure when this happened but some varmit ate one of my bee hives.

Here are the photos.

I measured the comb a bit for future reference.

What a mess. That was just the first year for this topbar hive. Amazing just how much work they put into this hive only to have it destroyed by some critter.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your hive. The bees did a nice job of building it up. Hope you find and "correct" the critter doing the damage.

Back to Basics said...

Dang that sucks! Did you figure out what it was that got into your hive? Maybe an entrance reducer would be good for the next go round. One just big enough for one bee to enter and exit at a time. You can remove it during periods of high pollen flow when the field bees will be in and out a lot. Keep us posted!